Fabric proposes solutions for many different applications.As well as being the industry reference for solar protection, the company has also made a name for itself in the fields of tensile architecture, façade and acoustic solutions. Serge Ferrari supplies high performance products for modular structures, protection, environment and visual communication. The company is known worldwide for its expertise in yachting and furniture.

Natural daylighting
Super long span
Shape freedom
Tensile architecture

Lightweight, freedom of shape and natural light transmission for the creation of emblematic structures. Discover our tensioned architecture applications.

Emblematic buildings

The light weight and flexibility of composite membranes offer tremendous freedom of shape for the creation of emblematic buildings. Tensioned roofs are ideal for large span roofs, allowing the transmission of natural light to ensure a pleasant luminous atmosphere.

Solutions for open and closed buildings

Flexlight membranes enable the installation of tensile roofs on open structures for sports activities (stadiums, grandstand roofs, etc.), cultural buildings (amphitheatres, etc.) and educational establishments (covered playgrounds for schools, etc.). They enable the creation of roofs or entire envelopes for closed buildings to optimise the transmission of natural light into atriums, shopping malls, sports halls and arenas, airport terminals and stations, etc. They also allow for the implementation of double skin thermal insulation solutions.

Durable materials

Based on Précontraint technology, Serge Ferrari has developed a range of high performance composite materials with lasting mechanical properties and proven aesthetics. Flexlight membranes are a perfect example of Serge Ferrari's environmental approach: they are eco-designed and can be recycled via Texyloop

Textile façades

innovative and effective
he Façade range by Serge Ferrari offers unique advantages:
• Aesthetics: 3D volumes, curves, lighting effects and backlit animations, personalised printed graphics
• Durability and resistance to all weather conditions and UV
• Lighter than other materials
• Thermal comfort and energy savings, contributing to environmental construction certification approaches, such as Breeam, Leed and HQE
• Preservation of outside views, while limiting dazzle
• Easy to install for new-build and renovation projects.

Freedom of design

Tensile Facade for New Building

Protection against heat and dazzle, outside visibility, unique visual identity... The creative possibilities are infinite when it comes to façade coverings.


To improve indoor and outdoor acoustic comfort, discover our flexible, lightweight, durable and innovative solutions. Acoustic comfort is important for the well-being of users of indoor public areas, such as swimming pools, restaurants, school dinner halls, station halls and airport terminals. To offer novel solutions, Serge Ferrari has developed a thin, textured membrane with excellent acoustic absorption

Noise treatment
Freedom of design

Innovative acoustic solutions

These lightweight fabrics offer new opportunities for original and innovative acoustic solutions. Indoors, they can be used to make large span or double-curve ceilings, suspended ceilings, acoustic blinds, curtains and sails. These lightweight, translucent fabrics combine acoustic treatment with solar protection in front of windows, on roofs or façades, while preserving the transmission of natural light . The highly translucent version offers the possibility of creating absorbent artificial lighting. In open spaces, such as stadiums, they can be used to create large span acoustic tensioned ceilings that resist the wind.

Lightweight, ultra-resistant phonic absorption

The Alphalia range is designed for indoor and outdoor areas, eliminating the need for conventional absorbers that are thicker, such as foam and wool. It offers:
• excellent acoustic absorption,
• durability and exceptional impact resistance

Industry and environmental protection

The industrial move towards renewable energies demands the industrialization of these non-mature industries. In this relatively new field, we provides its expertise to researchers working on the recovery of an almost infinite source of energy in the planet's seas: highly innovative projects in the fields of thermal, wave and electric energy.

Air tightness
High pressure resistance
Motorized Roller Blinds


Energy and environmental performance of buildings (Breeam, Leed, HQE certifications)

Buildings currently represent the world's largest consumers of energy. Construction and real estate professionals need effective solutions that are quick to implement to adapt to the new energy challenges without deteriorating comfort for building users. Outdoor solar protection can limit the effects of the sun's heat on buildings in summer, thus reducing operating costs.

Effective fabrics for optimal thermal comfort

Soltis blinds can be installed outside to block up to 97% of heat, offer greater comfort and reduce the need for air conditioning equipment. Précontraint technology makes them very resistant to repeated handling operations as well as to outside weather conditions (rain, UV, wind, etc.), deformation and tearing. Their smooth surface means easy maintenance and the careful selection of pigments guarantees longlasting colour. 100% recyclable via Texyloop, Soltis blinds are ideal for projects implementing an environmental approach.

Solutions for office and residential buildings

For vertical blinds, awnings or blinds for verandas and glass roofs, Soltis fabrics offer attractive, technical solutions for both professionals and private individuals. They are used in buildings in all sectors of the service industry (offices, healthcare, education, culture, transport, shops and shopping malls, hotels and restaurants) as well as residential (individual homes and apartment buildings).